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Monday, June 20, 2005

Top Secret Clearance

If you haven't figured it out by now, my source of current events comes from CNN.com... and here's the latest.

Since when was Top Secret Clearance granted to the general United States populous? Because today's article proves just that. Porter Goss, chief of the CIA, conjured an excellent idea of notifying the world that we have an excellent idea of where Bin Laden 'bin hidin. Might as well just call up Bin Laden on his cell phone and tell him, "Hey buddy. We might catch you, so maybe you should find a new hiding place!"


Blogger Patrick said...

Finally, someone who thinks just like me...

Like I said in my previous
, I think CNN might work for the terrorists.

12:09 AM

Blogger Rico said...

Dudes...you guys are blind. It's a conspiracy. Bin Ladin has already been caught. Bush is just waiting for a good time to release in the headlines that his campaign to search for evil doers caught Bin Ladin, the master of all master minds. Then he regains his popularity. That's all politics is...you think politicians are in office for the people?I think they're a bunch of selfish bastards. They're there for the image,money, to change laws to better their businesses or friends business, power,....and I guess in Clintons case----> Other.

11:14 AM


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