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Friday, June 17, 2005

Maybe it's a sign...

So we've been feeling tremors out here in the Golden State of California -- four heavy ones in the last week to be precise. Maybe somebody's trying to tell us something. Or maybe it's time to buy the lottery because California is feeling pretty lucky! Here's a CNN article on our recent 'misfortune'.

One interesting thing to point out is that not one of these four quakes was in the Greater Bay Area, which is where i'm residing. To me, this is not a good sign. We haven't felt one in the bay area for quite some time now. If you don't relate to my fear, let me put it this way... It's kinda like having a really bad gastro-intestinal day. You, or someone you love, is holding a fart for a really, REALLY long time. Only you know that eventually, it's gotta come out. Then one moment later... when you're least expecting it... BAM, it hits you, and it's BAAAD. You know what i mean? Scary, huh? We're living in fear here I tell yah.


Blogger Anitatab said...

I'm not sure if a earthquake is like a very baaaddd fart!!!

Poo maybe....not fart

10:20 PM


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