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Thursday, April 14, 2005

Are you kidding me?

Sometimes, you're left wondering... "What the hell were they waiting for?"
(Excerpt from April 14, 2005 - cnn.com)

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- More than 10,000 fugitives from justice have been captured in a nationwide, weeklong dragnet involving federal, state and local authorities, said the U.S. Marshals Service, which led the effort.

Operation FALCON lasted from April 4 - 10 and marks the largest number of arrests ever recorded during a single operation.

Of priority: suspects wanted in homicides, sexual assaults, gang-related crimes, kidnappings, major drug offenses, and crimes against children and the elderly.

I can imagine the feds in a conversation last month...

Cop #2: "Hey, maybe we should arrest that child molester/murderer down the street. He has 100 violations..."
Cop #1: "Nah, we gotta look good in two weeks and satisfy the FALCON quota. So we should let him run free for now."
Cop #2: "You're a genius. No wonder why you're Cop #1 and I'm still Cop #2"
Cop #1: "I know."


Blogger Patrick said...

For some reason, catching 10,000 fugitives in a week doesn't sound all that impressive to me. It only shows that they have been slacking off the last few months, accumulating enough fugitives so that they can now CLAIM that they have successfully arrested over 10,000 in a week. It would be much more impressive if they could keep up with this rate week in and week out.

This whole news sounds like a way for Attorney General Alberto Gonzales to gain publicity. This is probably done in the hopes that people will forget about the huge amount of critism and scrutiny going on when he recently called for the renewal of the Patriot Act.

It still amazes me how powerful propaganda is. This has been THE news on cnn.com the entire day!! C'mon, it's time for them to talk about the NBA playoffs instead. So much bias in the media world these days. Perhaps I should try to become less bias by setting cnn.com as my start page for a week, and then foxnews.com the second week, abcnews.com the third week, etc; But that's sort of annoying. Oh wait maybe I can use news.google.com since it gets all the news for me from the world so that it's less bias right? Oh wait maybe not since news.google.com is programmed by humans, and humans are biased. Ugh. I'm screwed.

4:49 PM

Blogger Ray said...

Let's not forget what's important here. This is big news. Didn't you see the headline? "FALCON swoops nab 10,000 fugitives." I mean, come on, a friggin FALCON swooped down from the sky and picked up a whole mess of people! That's AMAZING. They even made the word "falcon" all caps because it's so friggin awesome. I'd have problems picking up one person, let alone 10,000. I'd like to meet this falcon, unless it's humongous and will eat me in one gulp. Then I'd prefer not to meet the falcon. Mr. Falcon, please continue swooping down from the sky and picking up bad people. Thank you.

6:08 PM

Blogger Crystal said...

Interesting take...I compared it to another blogger's post on my Round the Reader post..

1:41 AM


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