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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Brokeback... to the Future!

Hi all,

So I just came back my missionary work in China, after I had helped feed the starving children in Kenya, but not before I had went to rally for peace in Israel, which was immediately after I spent some time researching for a cure for cancer in England... so excuse me for my five month hiatus from this blog!!! (Now please stop the nagging emails you avid readers!) ;)

Back to what i was saying, so I had just travelled the world and the first feeling I get when I'm back home is some retro-active culture shock. So much has happened in the past 5 months that I never thought would happen. Ipods are smaller than a deck of cards?? Free wireless internet for the entire Mountain View, CA?? Ron Artest traded for Peja Stojakovic?? E*TRADE stock broke $23??? A movie about gay men in the country-side, co-starring that pudgy chick from Dawson's Creek, with a one-liner "I wish I knew how to quit youuu!" (which I outrightly laughed at during the previews) dominates the Golden Globes?? A new genre of movie has been created... and spinoffs are already in the works...


Blogger Rico said...

woo hooo you're alive!
You're next mission gonna cure world hunger?

4:12 PM


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