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Saturday, May 13, 2006


Yikes! What once was as abundant as a napkin next to your plate, the complimentary wooden chopstick sees a grim future. According to CNN.com, China is starting a 5% tax on exportation of chopsticks in light of a deforestation problem. Free wooden chopsticks from your asian waitress may be a thing of the past! Imagine the impact:

1) Restaurants will charge you money if you break your complimentary wooden chopstick, even though they already break 75% of the time!
2) Parties will have RSVP's with the line "BYOC".
3) Just when we thought so few people knew how to use chopsticks, the numbers will drop even lower.
4) People in Asian countries will have to learn how to use the fork!


Blogger Rico said...

Sweet! I won't have to worry about people criticizing on how to use my freakn utensils when I'm freakn hungry to eat my Dim Sum at a hole in the wall restaurant :-).

12:29 AM

Blogger Andrew said...

hahaha.. now you'll only just have people criticizing you on your choice of 'hole-in-the-wall' restaurants... ;)

1:40 AM


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